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Interesting Brand
which Remind Various from Beauty

Fakeme is located one step Away from Passion Field doing Meaningless &
Rep etitive Copy in order to create Fashionable Trend Using Customer
who Obsesse d Fashion Trend (Trendholic Customer)

Fakeme believes that The Goodness which may have Design is Talking
about Beauty which wide & various and help to widen the standard of
Beauty Not just advertising latest Trend.
Also can be got the Legitimacy by Secure the righteousness of these
Proceeding. This is The Power sustaining FakeMe.
Therefor Fakeme doing Best to Accomplish Higher Value than Production &
Sales "Interesting"Brand which Remind Various from Beauty!

Blind & Change

Eyewear is the 3rd Factor Existing between Self & 3rd Party and could be
possible in relation between 3rd Party seeing self & Self showing 3rd Party.
Based on these kind of Product Character, Fakeme is in Agony about
working of Glass or Sunglass and by Trying to Visualization for this, want a
express a product for the relation of "Blind & Change" and ""Sight & Stare"
FakeMe Hope that Our These Activity for customer to be spirit of found
themselves happily

The Customers Fakeme suit are not consume Fantasy of Brand and also not
to be Changed by Trend.

Fakeme Hope to be The People understood that Beautiful enough
by Your ness. Fakeme wish to get Reasonable Agree about "Could be
beautiful This also ?" with The People. This kind of Attitude is The Power of
Maintaining Fakeme and also Made difference with Others.

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